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Why Buy at Steve Austin's Auto Group?


1. We are LOCAL and EASY to get to.

2. We have the full line of CHEVROLET, GMC, CADILLAC and BUICK vehicles.

3. Our Service Department is TOP RATED with WORLD CLASS TECHS.

4. Our Body Shop is rated PREFERRED by Insurance Companies and has a 97% Rating.

5. Our Sales Team live here, so you're dealing with YOUR NEIGHBORS.

6. We have HUNDREDS of NEW, CERTIFIED and PRE-OWNED vehicles at the RIGHT PRICE.

7. If you don't see it, we will get it for you. New or Used.

8. Your business HELPS the whole area by keeping taxes HERE.

9. We have LESS OVERHEAD then the city dealers.

10. We have to keep you business here to STAY IN BUSINESS.


Call Us today at (937) 303-4096

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