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When your car detects a problem, it alerts you via dashboard warning lights. However, these symbols can sometimes be cryptic or confusing. Here’s a guide to some of the most common — and urgent — dashboard warning lights you could encounter.

Low tire pressure

Is there a circle with a flattened bottom and an exclamation point that’s lit up on your dashboard? That’s your tire pressure monitoring system letting you know that at least one of your tires needs to be topped off. This isn’t a cause for immediate alarm. Instead, find a place where you can safely pull over, such as a gas station. Inspect the tires for leaks and other forms of damage, and check their pressure, if possible. At your earliest convenience, inflate your car’s tires to the pressure specified in the owner’s manual. Once the tire pressure has been corrected, this dashboard light should switch off.

Engine oil warning

While this warning light looks like a gravy boat, it’s actually an indicator that your car’s engine doesn’t have proper oil pressure. Without enough oil pressure, the engine won’t be able to circulate oil and lubricate itself. If ignored, this could result in permanent — and extremely expensive — damage to your car’s powertrain. Have this warning light checked out by experts as soon as possible.

Traction or stability control

If you see a warning light that looks like a car going down a winding road, it’s an indicator that your car’s traction or stability control system has been deactivated. While it’s possible you may have turned it off on accident, or deactivated it to do some spirited driving, it’s safest to have these systems enabled on your vehicle. If you can’t turn these systems back on, it’s possible that the traction or stability control system has malfunctioned and needs service.

Check engine

The dreaded “check engine” light can have a myriad of causes. Overall, it means that your car’s onboard diagnostic system has noticed something wrong with the powertrain. It could be something minor, like an incorrectly-tightened gas cap or a faulty spark plug. However, it could also point to a major repair or an impending failure. If the check engine light is blinking, have your vehicle towed to the shop. Either way, when this light makes an appearance, have it checked out by the experts at Steve Austin’s Auto Group in Bellefontaine as soon as possible.

Coolant level light

This icon resembles a thermometer over wavy lines. It indicates that your car’s coolant system isn’t working properly, and that overheating could soon damage your car’s components if you don’t address the issue soon. If there’s smoke coming from under the hood, have your car towed to our service center. However, if you aren’t seeing smoke, you may simply need to top off the coolant or inspect the radiator system. To help diagnose what’s wrong, stop your vehicle and let it sit for at least a few hours to let the engine cool off. Then, check the coolant level and top off, as needed.


If there’s a little image of a battery on your dashboard, it’s pretty self-explanatory. It indicates that your car’s battery could soon be too low to start your vehicle. However, it’s not always the battery that’s the source of the problem — it could also be an issue with the alternator, wiring, or other electrical components. Before your car’s electrical system leaves you stranded, bring it in for diagnostics and repair.

Brake system warning

This warning symbol resembles parentheses surrounding a circle with an exclamation point. Don’t ignore this light — it means that a component of your car’s brake system is damaged or malfunctioning. Since responsive brakes are essential for safe driving, have this issue inspected as soon as possible.

Notice any of these lights on your dashboard? Bring your vehicle in for service at Steve Austin’s Auto Group in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

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